St Nicholas Malawi Initiative

St Nicholas Church is twinned with Phiri Congregation which lies south west of Nkhata Bay in rural northern Malawi. Phiri has been led by Rev Margaret Kalimanjira since December 2014, however, the Partnership was originally agreed between Rev Joseph Chimembe and Rev George Fiddes, and the Twinning Agreement was signed in 2009. Phiri Congregation consists of the Main Church at Phiri and nine remote Prayer Houses.

The background to the Covenant of Partnership between the Presbytery of Ayr and the Livingstonia Synod, together with details of the work carried out and the visits that have been made, can be found here

The aim of our Malawi Committee is to administer the Partnership and ensure evaluation is undertaken. It was reviewed in 2012, and renewed for a further period of three years. The Committee are accountable to the Congregational Board and report to it on a quarterly basis.